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The Ahead Leadership Program is a multi-tiered mentoring program designed to help young men achieve their potential in high school, college, and beyond.

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What is Leadership?

In the Ahead Leadership Program, we define leadership as the ability to inspire and lead oneself and others toward noble, worthwhile goals. It is primarily a role of sight and service: one must first be able to identify objectives that are worth pursuing, and then have the ability to lead oneself and others to their achievement.

Why should I be a Leader?

Everyone becomes a leader at one time or another, whether you head uppaying%20attention a corporation or simply become the father of a family. The question is really, “why be a good leader? Why be of service to others?” Our answer to that is that you will be quite disappointed if you wake up and discover that the things you have pursued-and perhaps achieved-are worthless or even harmful to others. And if you “succeed” without concern for others, simply to flatter your own ego, you will be very much alone and unhappy, no matter how many accolades you receive from professional colleagues or admirers. There is no substitute for the joy of knowing that your well-done work (professional success) actually helps others while giving you the chance to exercise your talents, interests and abilities (personal success).

How does Ahead apply to me?

It’s never too early to become a leader. In fact, how you approachBuddies these crucial formative years may determine whether you remain an adolescent in an adult body (whose future options are limited by poor decisions now) or become a free, successful leader with a world of opportunities open to you. We believe you are already in a position to take charge of your education and life, not treating them as things imposed from outside but as resources for you to enjoy and make fruitful.

How will Ahead help me?

Ahead was founded with one idea in mind: to offer high school studentsGreg-Steve-Hank the practical, intellectual and moral preparation they need in life. Our program meets twice a month on Saturdays throughout the school year. It combines classes, one-on-one mentoring, career presentations by successful professionals, virtues talks, and sports. In addition, select participants are invited on special trips such as service projects, an international student congress (Rome), and college visits.

If you’re not ahead, you’re behind.

Colleges today are looking for leaders and a major characteristic of leadership is the ability to plan ahead-long term. Otherwise deadlines are missed, opportunities lost and good desires frustrated. While high schools may try to keep students abreast of important deadlines each semester, few will ask freshmen what they hope to have achieved by senior year. As a result, students reach their final year without a resume (an essential nowadays!), and with blanks in their college applications-as well as in their personal development. In the Ahead Leadership Seminars, we help you become the best applicant you can be, outstanding in ways that go beyond SAT scores and GPA.

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