Ahead Leadership – Mentoring


Each student has a staff mentor who meets with him monthly.  sm_aboutMentors help the students set practical goals based on the material presented in the seminars.  Mentoring and other programs are also offered an additional Saturday each month.



Matt Schoenecker – BS, University of Wisconsin; PhD Bioengineering, UC Berkeley

Hank López-Oña – BA Columbia University; MBA George Washington University

George Cassar – MS Electrical Engineering, LMU

Joel Ojeda- BS Engineering USC; MBA Yale University

Clarence Clark – JD, UC Hastings College of the Law

Victor Lado – BA, Manhattan College

Ashley Cupino – MBA, Pepperdine University

Felipe Cabezon – Ph.D. student, Finance, USC

Javier Alvarez – BS, Mechanical Engineering, MIT

Dale Parker – BA, University of Notre Dame; PhD Candidate UCLA

Thomas Boles – Undergraduate Student, UCLA

Val Creus – MBA, University of Southern California

Bob Rose – BS, UCLA

John Rueda – BA, University of Dallas

Stephen Tran – Ph.D. student, UCLA