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The Ahead Seminar schedule calls for one seminar day per month with an additional weekend opportunity for make-up classes, extra mentoring, and tutoring.



Eighth graders are faced with decisions that will lay foundations for their lives. Students need to be aware of these decisions and how they are made so that they can choose wisely.

September 17 — Setting Goals for the Future

October 15 — Living with Authority

November 19 — The Importance of Friendship

December 17 — Relationships and Dating

January 21 — Staying Focused

February 11 — Effective Studying

March 18 — True Manliness

April 15 — Conflict Resolution

May 20 — What Makes You Happy?



A college application is a reflection of one’s actions during freshman-junior years.  Freshmen should know what colleges want to see.  Even more, they should know why character is important for success in college and in life.

September 17 – College Application. Now? Yes.

October 15 – Grades and My Future

November 19 –  Extracurriculars: Success Outside the Classroom

December 17 – Career Insights: Which One is for Me?

January 21 – You are What You Read

February 11 – Holding Down a Summer Job

March 18 – Character and Maturity

April 15 – A Life of Service

May 20 – Am I a Leader?



High school is the time to begin thinking about career  interests. It is also the time to develop the habits of effective speaking and critical thinking that are essential for success in college and the workplace. Sophomores and Juniors will attend talks by professionals on topics such as:

September 17 – Order

October 15 – Loyalty

November 19 –  Justice

December 17 – Self-Discipline

January 21 – Fortitude

February 11 – Friendship

March 18 – Summer Plans

April 15 – Importance of Self-Knowledge

May 20 -Importance of Liberal Arts



This seminar gives seniors an analysis of philosophical ideas that currently underlie the academics at most American universities.  It is taught by a graduate student in humanities at UCLA and lets seniors experience a college-level class.

September 17 – Marriage and the Family

October 15 – A University Education

November 19 – Friendship

December 17 – Social Justice

January 21 – Living the Good Life (Ethics)

February 11 – Truth and Relativism

March 18 – Appreciating Beauty (Aesthetics)

April 15 – Public Speaking

May 20 – How the Media Shapes Public Opinion



Look inside you before you look outside yourself, strive to grow in things that prepare you for leadership. A grown man should possess the following virtues: Order, Loyalty, Self-Discipline, Justice, Fortitude, Temperance,  and Friendship.  These virtues will be covered in short, practical talks.

Application can be downloaded here: AHEAD